Short Hills ‘piggyback’ viral video shows woman carry guy in suit through flooded train station tunnel


A video shared online appeared to show a well-dressed commuter getting a piggyback ride to avoid a flooded tunnel at a Short Hills train station.

The brief clip shows a man wearing a suit waiting on the stairs leading to the washed out walkway. A woman soon arrives walking through the flood, with her shoes soaked, to carry the man on her back.

Twitter user Ashley Maas posted the clip Wednesday night on her account, tagging the location as the Short Hills train station. Based on images of the tunnel, the stop appears to be located off Station Plaza in the Essex County community. As of Thursday night, the clip had more than 200,000 views.

In responses to a bevy of social media replies, Mass said she didn’t know the pair in the clip. She said the tunnel leads under the tracks to a nearby parking lot. The circumstances surrounding the clip were not clear.

Wednesday brought heavy rain to the region, causing flooding and power outages around the state.

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