Shocking video of Saudi women fighting on roadside goes viral


One of the burqa clad women repeatedly drops a child she was carrying on the road.

A video of a roadside brawl in Saudi Arabia involving five women went viral on social media over the weekend. What has caught the fascination of the internet is that one of the burqa clad women repeatedly dropped a toddler during the fight.

The nearly half a minute video was reportedly recorded in the capital city of Riyadh – by a passerby motorist on a mobile phone.

As the women throw punches and pull each other’s hair, one of them inadvertently drops her toddler on the road more than once like a rag doll. The visibly shaken child can be seen crying for attention as the women fight on.

The woman has been identified as the child’s mother, according to reports.

Surprisingly, none of the passing by motorists stopped to break up the violent fight, while the motorist recording the video drives away too.

The five burqa-clad women appear to tire themselves out by the end of the clip.

It is not known what triggered the fight and whether were those women together.


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