Shocking! This popular WCW wrestler dies during live fight; here’s the viral video


It must be a piece of shocking news for WWE fans as the professional wrestler and actor named Cesar Barron has died during a wrestling match.

Yes, Cesar is popularly known as Silver King, was a star in Mexico. He also appeared in 2005 film Nacho Libre along with a comic actor Jack Black.

He died on Saturday in the ring during a bout in London, where the wrestling match was held.


The video of the whole incident went viral on social media.

In the viral video, Guerrera kicked Silver king during the fight and tried to win the match by pinning down. Guerrera thought that he has won the match and also the referee announced to be the winner. But, when he becomes unresponsive then, referee and others went hopeless that what happened to him and they tried him to revive.

As per the reports of Mexican news and other reports said that Cesar Barron has died due to a heart attack.

Meanwhile, officials have not revealed the reason behind the death of the wrestler.

After the death of Silver King, the social media has been flooded with condolences message and everyone left in shock that how this could happen.

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