Scott Dixon joins outrage at American elephant hunter Jimmy John Liautaud


Scott Dixon and wife Emma are strong advocates for animal welfare.


Scott Dixon and wife Emma are strong advocates for animal welfare.

New Zealand Indycar star Scott Dixon has joined the backlash against an American food chain owner whose hunting escapades have allegedly seen him kill an elephant.

American Jimmy John Liautaud, CEO of sandwich restaurant chain Jimmy John’s, is facing calls for his business to be boycotted after a photo of him giving a double thumbs-up while sitting on a dead elephant he allegedly killed, re-emerged on Twitter this week.

The photo is not new but its re-airing in a tweet has sparked outrage and gone viral as it urged people to “remember next time you want a sub”.

People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals said Liautaud had a “twisted obsession with murdering large animals for sport”.

Dixon, the five-time IndyCar champion, called Liautuad a “w…..r” in joining the outrage.

An avid hunter, Liautaud told the Chicago Tribune in 2015 that the biggest misconception about him was people still connect him to 10-year-old photos of him posing with elephants, rhinos and other endangered animals he shot.

“I choose to hunt and I choose to fish,” he said. “Everything I’ve done has been totally legal. And the meat has been eaten, if not by me than by someone I’m with. I don’t hunt big African game anymore.”

Dixon is fronting the IndyCar campaign “IndyHumane” which looks at changing the lives of in-danger animals by boosting cat and dog adoptions in the United States.

Dixon and his wife, Emma Davies-Dixon, are the official honorary co-chairs of the 2019 Mutt Strut fundraiser, with the annual event taking place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this weekend.

Around 4,000 people and their dogs are expected to participate, allowing them to walk the historic Indianapolis track.

“We’re just excited to support IndyHumane and the important work they do for animals in this area,” Dixon said.

“I’ve been in Indy almost 20 years now and it’s important that our family supports the local community. We are all huge animal lovers – we have two dogs, George and Arthur, and we bring them everywhere. My wife Emma and the girls also have a horse [Otis] that they take care of nearly every single day. On top of that, this is the greatest spectacle in dog walking right? How could you say no to that!”



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