Russell County football player’s viral workout clip gives new meaning to country strong


To prepare for his freshman season at Alabama State, Russell County defensive lineman Damon Lloyd is doing something a little different.

Lloyd posted a video Wednesday of a look at his workouts with cousin Greg Smith. In the video, the 6-foot-4, 250-pound Lloyd lines up against a hay bale then starts to push the bale over on Smith’s command. In the 17-second video, Lloyd pushes over the 700-pound bale three times.

The video has been a hit on Twitter, having received 160,000 views by Friday morning. For Lloyd, the attention takes a backseat to getting better every day.

“(Smith) made me train differently from others. He made me push hay bales for more muscle and power in my legs,” Lloyd said. “I play defensive end, so if I can keep pushing those bales, it wouldn’t be so hard to get off blocks and move offensive linemen. I also don’t have the tools to do defensive end drills, so that’s another reason why I do them. It’s harder work for a country boy.”

Lloyd said he has just begun working out with Smith in Hurtsboro five days a week. Along with going one-on-one with the hay bales, his workouts with his cousin include cardio exercises as well as as weightlifting.

Lloyd may be limited in what he has to work with this spring, but for him, it’s about doing more with less.

“If I’m able to get to the point of pushing (the hay bales) easily, then going against an offensive lineman in college wouldn’t be so hard,” Lloyd said. “I’m just doing a harder drill that everyone doesn’t do so I can be better and have more power and determination than others.”

Lloyd recorded 10 sacks and 23 tackles for loss at Russell County and ended his high school career with 154 tackles. He was one of 17 players to sign with Alabama State on National Signing Day.

With the countdown to college now on, Lloyd is doing what he can to show up prepared for the Hornets.

“I’m ready to be there now to meet new people, the players and the coaches,” Lloyd said. “I want to get ready to get on the field.”

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