Rhule’s retro look goes viral, and there’s a story behind it


WACO, Texas (KWTX) Baylor head football coach Matt Rhule has been trending on social media after showing up at his weekly news conference in an iconic throwback windbreaker that was the rage in the 1990s, despite a price tag in the $150 range.

And there’s a story behind the green and gold Baylor Starter jacket that Rhule was wearing.

The jacket was a gift from longtime Baylor fan and Waco native Travis Carver and it originally belonged to Carver’s father, David, who died in 2011.

“My dad taught me what it was like to be a true Baylor fan,” Carver said.
“Till this day I have never left a Baylor game early, no matter the score.”

Travis Carver now lives in Kansas City, but still tries to make it to Waco for all of the Bears’ home games.

He’s missed only two this season, and plans to make it down for the rest.

Carver hand-delivered the jacket after he and his brother decided that was what their father would have wanted to do with it.

“He would probably lose his mind, to be honest, to see Baylor win like this. He would be ecstatic to see an 8-0 season,” Carver said.

And Carver was ecstatic when Rhule showed up for his news conference Wednesday wearing the jacket.

“I never thought coach would wear it, it made me so happy knowing that’s my dad’s jacket, that’s the one he wore,” Carver said.

“Whether coach knows it or not just to put that on he is honoring the legacy that my dad set forth of what is like to be a true Baylor fan.”

Rhule, a spokesman said, wore the jacket as a token of appreciation to the Carver family for its support and love of Baylor University.

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