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A rain delay earlier in the season fostered a locker room of retweets, comments and favorites for Georgia softball.

Softball players Ciara Bryan, Jordan Doggett and Justice Milz could be found across all social media platforms and one of their videos even made it all the way to ESPN.

The first video came about on February 28. While waiting on a delayed matchup with Winthrop to begin, the three, with their trusted choreographer Cortni Emanuel, came up with a synchronized dance to perform for the camera.

The video caught so much attention that later they decided to make a sequel dance, this one posted March 13. The idea for the video came from several different teams across the country challenging one another to dance video competitions.

“I’ve gotten at least three hundred followers on Instagram and Twitter from the videos, but people love it, they just love to see us having fun outside of softball like not on the field,” Doggett said.

With an already energetic locker room, the three thought they could be strong competitors in this social media race.

“The locker room is our favorite part of the game basically we just have a lot of energy and just feel free and do our own culture,” Milz said.

Reactions to the video have been only positive including reaches to young girls in the community who have taken this idea and perform their own versions of the dance.

“I’ve seen a few on little softball pages where girls try to, maybe not redo the exact same dance, but they do dance to the same songs that we dance to,” Doggett said.

Bryan said they picked the songs based on the rhythm of the dance Emanuel came up with. When the time came for filming the finished dance, the rest of the team was cheering and clapping behind them and ran into the video at the end.

“No one’s really afraid to do anything around each other so that’s a good thing about our team,” Milz said.

The first video made its way to ESPN with the number of likes and retweets it received. Milz said teammates from her high school teams were reaching out to her about how she was becoming “famous.”

Because of this initial success, the trio couldn’t stop there. They proceeded to make another dance video for their fans at another rain delayed game. The second video did not receive as much hype as the first, but still reached many of their fans.

Whether it is dancing, playing music or singing, the group is always getting one another excited before every game, keeping morale up to roll over into the on-field performance. Bryan said no one on the team is necessarily good at these, but the team’s environment promotes the funny interactions.

When asked how the three were chosen to star in the video, Bryan’s answer was straightforward.

“Okay, we’re the best dancers on the team. If that’s what you wanted me to say,” Bryan said.

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