PWA to meet after ‘known criminal’ issues threat in viral video


The Police Welfare Association (PWA) is planning an emergency meeting for Monday, following the posting of a viral video on social media in which a ‘known criminal’ with a firearm issues a threat while standing a short distance behind two ‘unsuspecting’ police officers in uniform, reliable sources have said.

According to the sources, who spoke to St Lucia Times on condition of anonymity, the man, who speaks during the brief recording that was posted,  has in the past had brushes with the law.

The video is believed to have been recorded at Vanard on Sunday evening about 7.00 pm, according to information obtained by St Lucia Times.

In the clip, two men are seen standing a short distance away behind the two police officers in uniform.

One of the officers is a female.

One of the two civilian men turns to a third man, part of whose body is seen in the recording and says some words that are not clearly heard.

At this point, the third man says: “You see they deh drinking deh rum. You see dem? I ready for dem too eh!”

While the third man is speaking, a firearm that appears to be strapped to his right side comes into view.

He pulls out the firearm and the person making the recording pans away from the weapon.

The recording ends with what sources said was the sound of a round being chambered in the weapon.

The sources asserted that the matter was very serious as the firearm was pulled while two unsuspecting uniformed officers had stopped to get something to eat and had their backs to the third man.

One source told St Lucia Times that although the video does not show the third individual, he is so well known to law enforcement that his voice gave him away.

A source familiar with weapons told St Lucia Times that the firearm in the possession of the third man was likely a 9 mm Glock pistol.

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