Professional Divers Assemble Like the Avengers in Viral Video


Avengers: Endgame‘s climactic final battle resonated with quite a lot of people, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s heroes united to defeat Thanos once and for all. The build-up to that moment showed all of the previously-“blipped” heroes returning one by one, and a new video pays homage to that moment in a pretty awesome way. Over the weekend, professional diver Jack Laugher took to Twitter to share a video of him and some of his colleagues recreating Endgame‘s reunion scene, by jumping into the water one by one and then playing a video of it in reverse. The video, which you can check out below, currently has over 45,000 retweets, and over 130,000 likes.

The reunion scene, which culminated in Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans) finally saying “Avengers assemble” before the team runs off to battle, was a pretty epic thing to see in theaters. And according to the film’s crew, it was an interesting challenge behind the scenes as well.

“The ‘Avengers Assemble’ shot, where we push past pretty much everybody, that was amazing,” Weta Digital visual effects supervisor Matt Aitken told earlier this year. “Everybody was there. They got all those people on set on one day and a lot of that footage that the cast shot on that day has leaked online since Marvel lifted the embargo and you can see everybody just having a great time all being together on set that one time.”

“There’s, I guess, Iron Man we added later because at one point he was going to be somewhere lying on the battlefield for that shot, so he’s CG’d there,” continues Aitken. “And we obviously, we’ve got Hulk and Groot and Miek and Iron Patriot is CG, but they were all there. They were all there for that one day, so it was an incredible day on set.”

What do you think of this epic tribute to Avengers: Endgame‘s climactic battle? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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