PORCH PIRATES: Package theft case cracked two days after viral video


Shawna Ballard never thought she’d see her stolen package.

She figured it was long gone.

The package was taken early Sunday morning from her front porch near Wigwam and Las Vegas Boulevard.

The crime was recorded on her RING doorbell.

It was actually what was inside the package that helped crack the case.

News 3 was able to connect the dots with the help of Findlay Kia.

In the doorbell video, you can see a woman walk up to Ballard’s front door and swipe a package.

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“I thought it was crazy that somebody would dare walk up to my door and do that,” explained Shawna Ballard.

“It was like a $40 bowling bag,” she continued.

That’s not the only thing that was taken.

It turns out, the getaway car used in the crime was stolen.

Scott Crockett is with Findlay Kia Automotive Group.

“The vehicle was stolen in the early morning hours of October 16,” said Scott Crockett.

“We had been searching high and low for this car,” he continued.

The stolen car was the missing link that led up to a surprise moment, captured only by News 3.

News 3 followed Crockett as he walked up to Ballard’s front door.

Crockett had a surprise for her and she had no idea we were coming.

“Kind of feel like Santa Claus,” said Crockett.

Ballard opened her front door and looked outside.

“Oh my gosh. What are you guys doing?” asked Ballard.

“Trying to bring you a bowling bag!” explained Crockett.

“Oh my gosh,” said Ballard.

It was the bag she never thought she’d get back.

“Yay! This is awesome!”, said Ballard.

Findlay Kia helped crack the case.

“One of our co-workers called me and saw the News 3 report. As soon as she said bowling bag, we knew right away, it was the same car,” explained Crockett.

According to Crockett, the getaway car in the Ring doorbell video was stolen right from Findlay Kia.

A thief swiped the car from a garage on the back lot. It’s unclear if he’s the getaway driver seen in the Ring doorbell video.

“He gained access through the door and drove the car off,” explained Crockett.

Findlay eventually got the stolen car back.

Inside, Crockett found a lot of tools for a thief.

“Tons of keys. GM keys. Car keys,” he explained. “Little devices it looks like he was using to gain entry.”

“That’s liquid graphite. It smooths out rough edges to duplicate a key,” he continued.

The tools may have helped a package thief get right to Ballard’s front porch.

But that’s not the only crime or car involved.

According to Crockett, the car in the Ring doorbell video is one of two cars recently stolen from Findlay Kia.

Crockett said the same person is responsible for both thefts.

LVMPD is investigating.

“Thanks for your hard work,” said Ballard. “You guys got your car back, right?” she asked.

“One of them. There’s still another one on the loose,” replied Crockett.

“Get him. Let me know what I can do to help. Want me to go on an investigation with you?” asked Ballard.

“Yeah, let’s do it,” replied Crockett.

It’s still unclear if LVMPD has identified the woman in Ballard’s Ring doorbell video.

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