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Ludhiana: A video which shows a couple claiming that the voting process in a booth at ward number 44 has been rigged, has gone viral on social media. Annie Kaur, who recorded the video with her husband, claimed that when she went to cast her vote, she saw some of people pressing the buttons of the EVMs continuously. When her turn came, she was told by the staff that her vote has already been cast but she can still cast another vote if she wanted to.

In the video, Annie’s husband claimed that he and his family got scared after seeing the goons and their activities. He said that around 70-80 people entered the booth of ward 44 and forced the voters to sit aside. “Then, they captured the booth claiming that they have come to check the machines. However, after this, we could only hear the beeps of EVMs. This was witnessed by six-seven voters, who had come to cast their votes and this process continued for 10-12 minutes, after which the goons left the polling booth. When we met the polling staff, they told us that my wife’s vote has been cast already but she can still vote,” he said. He claimed that he also noticed that no one was putting ink mark on the fingers of the voters. He further claimed that though he is not sure that which party the goons belonged to, the government should take an action on this and entire elections should be re-conducted in a free and fair manner.

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