Police: Man ‘came out of nowhere’ in viral video of officer shoving man


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ALLENTOWN, Pa. – New information is emerging about a viral video police are investigating that shows an Allentown police officer shoving a man to the ground.

The man says he went to the hospital with a broken nose and was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Police say he basically picked a fight with them and are now reviewing if use of force was justified. 

Police say John Perez “came out of nowhere.” and said something to the tune of “you guys feel good about yourselves talking like that?”

Perez has told 69 News he wanted to know what was going on after seeing police out his window early Saturday morning behind the 700 block of South Filmore Street.

He says he didn’t like how police were talking and words they were using in front of children.

Police say they were responding to a a call about someone with a gun.

When they arrived to the south Allentown neighborhood, people, including the person who called, were “uncooperative.”

They described the situation as “tense.”

But in their eyes, it was over until Perez showed up.

In an affidavit, an officer says Perez mentioned something about officers’ guns and “took an aggressive step” toward him.

Officer Jose Lebron said he told Perez to “get out of my face.” 

He said that’s when Perez raises his right arm and clenches his fist.

Another officer knocks his arm down.

The officer standing in front of Perez says he gave another warning saying, “I advised him once again to get out of my face.” 

When Perez didn’t, the officer admits, “I pushed him away from me.”

“I was actually shoved to the ground really hard and after that it was punches and grabbing and kicks and knees all over my body,” said Perez. 

The officer says Perez charged at him after the push and then during a scuffle tried to grab his leg and pull him to the ground.

Other officers stepped in.

Police say they are looking at other video, including body cams with audio recording.

Perez has said he was glad the video got out, saying it shows corruption.

Police say they’re investigating but declined an on-camera interview.

On the phone, Chief Tony Alseben said, “He’s entitled to his opinions, but I challenge him to come up with evidence of corruption,” adding the video doesn’t show that.

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