Photo Of Urban Meyer At The Super Bowl Is Going Viral


Urban Meyer is retired as the head coach of Ohio State’s football program, but the three-time national title-winning head coach is staying close to the sport.

The former Buckeyes’ head coach has been down in Atlanta, Georgia for the New England Patriots-Los Angeles Rams’ Super Bowl matchup.

A photo of Meyer at a Super Bowl party went viral on social media.

Ohio State’s head coach was spotted with Snoop Dogg.

Meyer posted the photo on social media, too.

Meyer seems to be enjoying the retirement life so far.

The former Ohio State head coach’s wife, Shelley Meyer, has said that he’s at peace with his decision.

“I would say 100 percent peace of mind,” Shelley Meyer told The Dispatch. “Actually, 99 percent peace of mind because what’s next is kind of still a gray area.

“But his demeanor has changed completely since he made the decision and made the announcement. He just looks happier. He acts happier. Urban can be pretty jovial. I know you guys only get glimpses of it in press conferences. But he’s pretty funny and fun, and I just hadn’t seen that. He’s acting like that again.”

Meyer is staying close to Ohio State, as he’ll be an assistant AD for the Buckeyes. He’ll also be teaching a class in the business school.

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