Pakistani groom’s gold outfit worth Dh 79,000 goes viral


He wore a pair of shoes made from 320 grams of gold.

A groom in Pakistan wore a suit made of gold, studded with jewels, for his wedding reception. He matched his outfit with a gold tie that was embellished with gold crystals.

And to add to the glory, he wore a pair of shoes made from 320 grams of gold, costing 17 lakh Pakistani rupees.

According to the media reports, his suit was priced at 63,000 Pakistani rupees. The cost of his entire outfit was 25 lakh Pakistani rupees( Dh79,374).

“I always wanted to wear gold shoes. People wear it around their neck or as a crown. I wanted to tell people that wealth is like the dirt on your feet, it should stay there,” Shahid tells local news channel.

“…and I always wanted to wear gold shoes,” he stated.

Shahid’s outfit has going viral on social media, evoking mixed response from the netizens.

“One can pay for a surgery by selling one shoe,” commented a person on Instagram. Another wrote, “I would like to see what the bride wore if the groom had such nakhrey (tantrums)!”

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