Norfolk police’s viral lip-sync video selected to compete in CBS special | Local News


It’s been almost a year since the Norfolk Police Department’s lip-syncing video went viral. Now it’s landing on national television. 

The lip sync video of Norfolk police staff dancing and lip-syncing to “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson, featuring Bruno Mars, made national headlines after it was created in response to a challenge from police in Corinth, Texas. 

Police departments across the nation took up the challenge, creating their own lip-sync videos before challenging other departments.

But Norfolk’s video was one of the few that went viral. Since the video was posted on the department’s Facebook page last July, it has gathered 70 million views and 1.5 million shares and received coverage from CNN, The Washington Post, People magazine and others.

Norfolk was chosen to be one of 30 candidates for a new one-hour special on CBS called “LIPSYNC to the Rescue.” The show will be broadcast later this year, according to CBS.

Viewers will vote for their favorite video of lip sync performances from first responder departments. The votes can be made online at and are unlimited.

During the special, the 10 videos with the most votes will be announced live during the show. Two finalists will advance to the live vote and be announced during the broadcast.

The Norfolk Police Department posted the news Friday night on Twitter, and asked for the community to vote for it to be placed in the top 10. The department will be joined by one other Virginia candidate: the Richmond Police Department.

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