Mugshot of US woman with distinctive face tattoos goes viral


An American woman with distinctive face tattoos has found internet fame after police shared her mugshot on social media. 

Alyssa Zebrasky was arrested on Wednesday after allegedly shoplifting from a Walmart in Boardman Township, Ohio, according to officials.

But the 27-year-old was receiving more attention for her mugshot than her alleged crime. The photo was shared hundreds of times on social media. 

She has a distinctive calavera tattoo around her eyes and mouth and a spider web across her forehead.

One person who shared the mugshot online quipped: “I’m sure she thought she would go unnoticed.”

Officers were called to the supermarket at about 6.30pm local time on Wednesday. 

Police said after Zebrasky’s arrest, they found a hypodermic needle and several small containers in her purse that contained drugs. 

She has been charged with theft, possessing drug abuse instruments and drug possession, police said. 

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