Molly Qerim’s Reaction To Stephen A. Smith’s Yelling Is Going Viral


First Take is one of the most watched sport’s shows in the country. It features Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman as the two debate some of the day’s most hotly contested topics.

Molly Qerim serves as the show’s moderator and host. Most of the time, the debates stay relatively calm. But on Tuesday, Smith and Kellerman strongly disagreed with each other and it got loud.

The two discussed whether the Eagles should sign Antonio Brown to help the offense. And Kellerman brought up a strange idea – that Eagles’ receivers are purposely dropping the football because Carson Wentz isn’t a good leader.

Simply put, that didn’t go over well for Smith who immediately erupted in shouting. As often happens in this scenario, Kellerman proceeded to match Smith’s loudness.

It was rather annoying for fans of the show. But Qerim’s reaction to the shouting match is hilarious.

The show’s moderator looks at the camera with a disgusted face. She’s clearly tired of Smith and Kellerman’s loud interaction.

Check out her hilarious reaction in the video below.

It’s not too often Qerim gets this annoyed by something on the show. Usually, she’s able to harness the conversation back into a calm debate.

But the shouting was just too much during Tuesday’s show. Can you blame her? Props to Qerim for keeping her cool.

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