Menzi Ngubane livid after another death hoax goes viral


Menzi Ngubane has slammed social media users who joked about his death

The actor’s wife spoke out on his behalf after the false news was publicised.

This isn’t the first time that Internet users have prematurely called a celebrity’s death in South Africa but in Menzi Ngubane, they chose the wrong target.

The former Generations actor found his name mentioned when a local account tweeted:

“Breaking: Menzi Ngubane peacefully passed by a gas station in Pretoria, June 7 2018…”

The tweet was intended to be a joke, but when a number of users started asking what the cause of death was, the Ngubane family intervened

His wife, Sikelelo Sishuba spoke to Tshisa Live and confirmed that he is alive and well.

“He is well and very much alive. He has seen the posts and doesn’t think they are funny. He’s not happy and isn’t taking it lightly.

“[Death] isn’t something to joke about. What if someone thought he was actually dead?”

This isn’t the first time that Menzi Ngubane has warned social media users about fake social media accounts and content

Back in 2015, he warned his followers about a fake Facebook account that was circulating in his name. At the time he was warned by his friends:

“I was ignorant until my friends started telling me they like my posts and messages of encourgement… I was puzzled because I’m not on any social network. Then I decided to check this Menzi out and I was shocked that he posts my pictures and press clips as if he is me.”

He was keen to warn others of the dangers of fake accounts

“I’m pissed off because this person could be a serial killer who might lure young girls and rape them. I’m considering taking the legal route as I don’t know his next move.”

Should celebrities take legal action when social media users spread fake news?

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