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(NBC News) — Barbie is celebrating a major milestone on March 9 — it’s her birthday and the iconic doll is turning 60!

And, amazingly, still doesn’t have a single wrinkle!

For the last six decades, the tiny doll has had quite a big influence on pop culture since she made her debut in 1959.

“She is a huge influence on society and pop culture in general,” said Jackie Breyer with Pop Insider.

She’s made appearances on The Simpson’s, The Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live. She even had a song dedicated to her — Aqua’s 1997 one hit wonder, “Barbie Girl.”

Barbie’s has more than 200 careers, sometimes pushing boundaries for women.

“She bought her own dream house before women could even open their own bank accounts,” Breyer said.

Barbie has donned a number of looks over the past six decades, but also has drawn criticism for a lack of diversity. Only in recent years has Mattel started including more hair textures, skin tones and body types.

Hulu’s documentary, “Tiny Shoulders, Rethinking Barbie” explored some of these changes and how a doll can be so much more than a toy by spurring conversations about feminism and girls’ self-esteem.

To put that all on tiny plastic shoulders of a doll is quite a burden.

But Mattel says Barbie’s meeting the challenge at the most diverse doll on the market.

“New this year, we have dolls that reflect permanent disabilities,” explained Mattel’s Marissa Beck. “For the first time, a Barbie is in a wheelchair and with a prosthetic leg.”

That means a whole new collection of role model Barbies is also on the way, based on real women with inspiring stories.

“Barbie really, truly has been a canvas that continues to reflect society and the culture that people see around them,” Beck said.

She really has proven to be more than just a plastic doll in her 60 years. She’s an American icon.

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