Liverpool fans slam ‘disgraceful’ viral Man City video for ‘lack of respect’


Liverpool fans have slammed Man City after a video of their players singing a tasteless song went viral online.

The footage showed a number of Man City stars joining in with the song that included lines such as “victims of it all” and “battered in the streets”.

Believed to have been captured on board the official team flight back from Brighton on Sunday, the squad also make reference in the video to Reds star Mo Salah being dangerously tackled by Vincent Kompany earlier this season.

After the video was shared hundreds of thousands of time on Twitter and Facebook, Liverpool fans posted in their droves about the club’s lack of respect over the game, the season and the video.

Manchester City’s Vincent Kompany on stage with the trophy during the celebrations at the Etihad Stadium after securing the Premier League title

Many also mentioned the fact that Jurgen Klopp had even took the time to congratulate City on their winning season.

Dave Molyneux said: “I’d expect behaviour like that from some fans, but not from the players!!


“Lost a lot of respect for them after watching that on the same day Klopp and LFC congratulate Man City on winning the title!”

Ronnie Owens also said: “Disgraceful – Liverpool showed them respect and this is how the city is repaid.

Man City players were captured singing about Liverpool fans being attacked and Mo Salah being injured by Vincent Kompamy

“No “Respect” shown by them.”

The song was also labelled as “disgusting” and “unprofessional” of the players.


Steve Ladas said: “Absolutely Disgusting so much for being professional footballers.”

Ste Astley  added: “Disgusting behaviour from city players hope they get pulled up for it”

Man City players were captured singing about Liverpool fans being attacked and Mo Salah being injured by Vincent Kompamy

These sentiments were echoed across the world with many fans from other clubs also joining in with the condemnation of the video.

Carol Hoskins said: “Winning the league gone to there heads & Lost all there respect.

“They have to play us next season & we won’t forget this Vile song there chanting Karma!!!

Twitter user @Heathx86 said: “Absolutely disgusting behaviour from so called “Professionals” just goes to show City player have no class and plastic fans!”

Another added: “Oh my goodness. Really are classless horrible human beings.

“A few drinks and a bit of banter is fine, but this is disgusting behaviour.”

Manchester City refused to comment about the video but promotional pictures, put out by the club on Monday, showed the players drinking and celebrating their win on the plane.

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