Lad Reveals The Note Wife Left Him For The World Cup And It’s Going Viral


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. The time has finally come. The FIFA World Cup is here and we at SPORTbible couldn’t be happier. Grab your TV remotes because this is going to be an incredible ride, well, for most of you reading this.

For some though, the thought of football being on our television screens every single day for the next month is hard to take – especially the wife of Twitter user Keith Bell, who left a very poignant note on his arrival home, earlier this week.

Bell now believes that every cloud has a silver lining after the letter went viral.

“As you will be watching three matches a day and 24/7 highlights, I have decided to go and stay with my sister…”

The fact that this woman has left a number for Domino’s Pizza and a Chinese takeaway is one thing, but to point out that Keith’s mate ‘must keep his shoes on’ in the house because ‘he has smelly feet’ might just be the greatest comment of all time.

Not to mention the instructional YouTube video for how to use a Washing Machine properly.

And to open the curtains during daytime hours because burglars will think the house is empty otherwise. Brilliant.

Image result for tv world cup sportbible
Image result for tv world cup sportbible

With the FIFA World Cup just around the corner, we’ve managed to pull together a full list of fixtures from the 14th June until the 28th of June, including TV channels and kick-off times.

Hosts Russia will kick things off on the opening day with a 4pm kick-off against Saudi Arabia on ITV.

Then then the day after, Portugal will face Spain on BBC in arguably the fixture of the group stages.

As we told you earlier this month, Saturday 16 June will feature four games that will kick-off on at 11am, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm.

Here is the full list of fixtures, kick-off times and TV channels, courtesy of Twitter page .

Image: WCGoalz
Image: WCGoalz
Image: WCGoalz
Image: WCGoalz

Image: WCGoalz
Image: WCGoalz

So there we have it. If your partner doesn’t particularly want to watch the World Cup, then show them this letter.

Keith might just have the summer of his life in the coming weeks.

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