KTSM Gets Officer’s Record; Councilman Weighs in on Viral Video


(KTSM) – KTSM was able to get hold of the disciplinary record of the El Paso police officer who pulled out his gun during an altercation with a group of children and teens that was captured on a widely-circulated video. 

According to the document, Officer Jose Rios has had zero complaints investigated by the department’s Internal Affairs Unit since he entered service in February of 2014. 

Rios is currently on administrative duty after pulling out his gun and aiming it at a group of pre-teen and teen boys during a chaotic call on July 5.

Two brothers were arrested and charged with interfering. KTSM on Tuesday obtained the arrest photo of one of the young men, Julian Saucedo, 17.

A search of Saucedo’s brief adult record found no prior charges. 

A video of the incident has since been viewed millions of times on social media. The footage shows the children and one of their mothers screaming profanities at Rios and another officer. 

Policeman-turned-Councilman Weighs in

El Paso City Council Representative Henry Rivera, who served as an El Paso policeman for more than 30 years, weighed in on the video following Tuesday’s regular city council meeting. 

“There’s always two sides to every story,” Rivera told KTSM. “Obviously, we don’t know what happened before (the recording), so I’m not judging (Officer Rios). In this case, it’s unfair to the officer and it’s unfair to the people involved.”

Rivera added he is hopeful El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen, who has made no official public comment on the incident, will issue some kind of statement soon. 

EPPD ‘Use of Force’ Guidelines

KTSM, through an open records request, also got hold of the ‘use of force’ guidelines in the EPPD Procedures Manual. 

The document says officers are allowed to use force in order to “defend themselves, effect an arrest or detention, or perform crowd control.”

The manual further states officers need to “evaluate the level of threat and factors such as the age, size and strength of the subject.”

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