KC man fake-quits his job at Popeyes, viral video explained


Tuesday afternoon, Cedric Workuff strolled into a Popeyes Louisiana Chicken in south Kansas City and broke into song.

“I don’t really wanna work here no more,” he belted into a microphone before wadding up his beige apron.

Workuff bounced to a catchy beat as he told the manager he was tired of dry biscuits and “ya’ll droppin’ chicken on the floor.”

“I want my check,” he sang as customers giggled and at least two employees danced. “My last one.”

The gutsy performance was captured by Workuff’s friend (and hype man) Marco Summers, who shared it on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. The video quickly went viral — within 48 hours, it had more than 1.7 million views and 28,000 shares on Facebook. (Warning: video has graphic language).

But the truth is, Workuff never worked at Popeyes. The whole thing was a prank orchestrated by Summers, a 21-year-old Kansas City video producer with a growing Internet following.

Summers’ raw, unedited joke videos have been shared by the likes of Snoop Dogg, T.I., 50 Cent and Justin Bieber.

“I write up real-life situations and turn them into comedy,” he says. “Nobody gets hurt — it’s just something to giggle at.”

In one of his most popular videos, Summers wears a hospital gown — it’s open in the back — as he chases a car driven by his “girlfriend” through the parking lot at Research Medical Center.

“Why you going through my phone?” he yells before throwing his half-naked body on the trunk of the Ford Mustang convertible as it speeds away.

A clip of Summers and friends dancing in slip-on sandals at a Walmart has 4.7 million views on Facebook. They slap their slides on the store’s floor as they improvise a song: “I’ll never wear socks — these are my flops.”

Good luck getting that one out of your head.

And in another clip, the merry pranksters crash a Kansas City Chipotle. Summers wears a Spider-Man costume as he sings “Do you want burrito, or bowl?” to the customers and employees.

Many who watched the Popeyes video on Facebook believed Workuff really was quitting his job — and they loved it.

“Yoooo this is how I’ll go out,” wrote Sarah Lowry. “If I don’t, it doesn’t count.”

“You earned yourself a six-figure job leaving that job,” commented Chris Abrant. “Savage.”

“Like a boss,” posted Alexander Padilla. “Well, unemployed boss.”

Summers said the Popeyes employee who kicked him out of the fast food joint thought the performance was so funny that she invited he and Workuff back in for free fried chicken. They declined the offer.

The video producer said the idea for that video wasn’t inspired by real life. He doesn’t have a day job — but he does have a dream job.

“I really want a reality TV show,” Summers says.

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