Julia Barretto’s candid tweet about nipple tapes gets women’s approval


Actress Julia Barretto. Instagram: @juliabarretto

MANILA—In her own lighthearted, self-deprecating way, Julia Barretto is sending waves of body positivity among her female followers — by embracing her own body type against traditional standards, and being candid about it on social media.

On Friday, for instance, the 21-year-old actress tweeted about buying nipple tapes in bulk (a hundred of them, to be exact), “kasi ito lang ang kayang kumapit.”

She even accompanied the tweet with a photo of her holding the fresh purchase, matched with a satisfied smile.

Within an hour, the post drew hundreds of replies, mostly from women who said they could relate. Many lauded Barretto’s confidence, humor, and proud body image, while some even asked where they could buy the nipple tapes, agreeing that bras can be uncomfortable.

“I stand a practical and proud woman!” one follower tweeted.

Barretto’s candid tweet came a week after her televised response about preferring to not wear a bra went viral online. At the time, on “Tonight With Boy Abunda,” Barretto said many women would be able to relate to her decision — and that indeed seems to be the case with her tweet on Friday similarly going viral, as of writing.

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