‘It’s about equality’: Viral video sparks debate about snow removal


CTVNews.ca Staff, with a report from CTV Edmonton’s Timm Bruch and Laine Mitchell

Published Sunday, December 9, 2018 4:08PM EST

A video of a woman venting her frustration over snow removal in Edmonton has gone viral.

Bean Gill, who uses a wheelchair to get around, was on her way to the gym in Edmonton Tuesday when her path was blocked by heavy snow.

“My accessibility and my mobility rely on your snow removal,” an angry Gill told CTV News Edmonton.

In the video, Gill can be seen highlighting snow that was piled up in assessable parking spaces. The snow pile also blocks a curb cut.

“The curb cut is there for a reason. If I was able to jump a six inch curb, I would do it.”

She believes people with mobility issues are being ignored.

“It’s about equality. We all deserve the same right to go places, to do things,” she said.

An Edmonton restaurant added that the lack of clearing in front of its premises caused a customer with mobility issues to turn around and go home.

“Public spaces are for everybody and we had a customer not able to access a city street,” Katy Ingraham of Cartago Restaurant told CTV News Edmonton.

“Sure, I can climb over a windrow, but not everybody can and they shouldn’t be faced with that either.”

The street has since been cleared, but the next snowfall is bound to see the problem return.

Gill hopes she won’t have to face the same choice again.

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