Hervey Bay slammed in viral Facebook post


HERVEY Bay has been described as a ” touristy turdburger” by a Facebook page that seeks to pit Australian towns and cities against each other.

Although the Bay city is yet to be reviewed by ‘S— Towns of Australia’, the Sunshine Coast’s scathing write-up compared it to a “diarrhoea taco”.

The satirical page, which posts over-the-top negative “reviews” of towns throughout Australia, has 90,950 likes on Facebook and 93,210 followers.

In a post that appeared yesterday, the Facebook page asked the online audience which city was worse in a poll between Hervey Bay and the Sunshine Coast.

At last count, Hervey Bay was winning the race, with 73 per cent of more than 7600 votes to its dishonour.

Sunshine Coast, on the other hand, only had 27 per cent of the vote, making it a loser but also a clear winner in not being the worst of the two.


Is Hervey Bay better than the Sunshine Coast?

Comments ran wild in the rivalry, with not too many kind words for the Bay region.

There is just 20 minutes left to vote and help the Bay save face.

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