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GRIMFILM's Latest Video About Viral Videos Went Viral

An authentic video about being fake for views is gaining a lot of views. Yay? 

Full disclosure: This video was made in collaboration with GRIMFILM, Paultan and Cilisos. 

Yes, we were in cahoots! But we didn’t expect this video to reach the heights that it did. We know it’s a little syok sendiri to call our own video viral but look at the views! And as you can see from this lazily screenshotted (is that a word?) analytics from GRIM’s phone, the spike was insane!

The video was already in decline by the 25th but now...

According to Jared of GRIMFILMs, his videos usually hit the 200,000 mark in a few months so to get 500,000 plus views in over a week is something special indeed. We’re not saying something is up, but something is up with the video. 

Maybe everyone just loves Ben’s ‘cleavage’, maybe parodies really do work, maybe the general populace is similary jaded by some ‘influencers’, ‘KOLs’, and ‘talents’ who can only offer famous-ness, instead of genuine ability. 

Maybe we just salty. Who knows. Enjoy the video:

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