“Green Screen Lambo” latest parody rap video from local teens


If you’ve seen a bunch of gangly teens dancing around a lime-green Lamborghini in Wichita recently, this is probably why.

Local filmmakers Max James and Blake Draper have created a witty music video that’s going viral on social media — thanks to their “green-screen” Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, borrowed from attorney Brad Pistotnik.

“Brand new whip got a green screen!” the song blares, before detailing all the ways the green-screen car could be used (none of which involve driving).

Who knew that, with the help of chroma keying, you could use a Lamborghini to play “Halo,” watch “Harry Potter” or dance in front of a laser light show?

It’s silly, sure, but it’s a clever piece of filmmaking from the teens, who first burst onto the online scene in January with a rap about QuikTrip, which has since well eclipsed 1 million views on Facebook alone.

But how did this happen?

James said Pistotnik’s wife had seen the QuikTrip video and wanted the two to be in a music video for their daughter, who records music as Joanna Michelle.

James and Draper took part in the music video, and James said he “jokingly asked” if they could borrow her dad’s lime-green Lamborghini for a video.

“Didn’t expect her to say yes,” James said.

In the video, James and Draper are joined by Caleb Carnell (who made the beat) and Joe Brack.

“Green Screen Lambo” had more than 365,000 views on Twitter as of Tuesday.

The video on Friday caught the attention of Jalopnik, a popular website for car enthusiasts. The article there ran with the headline, “I Want to Hate This Viral ‘Green Screen Lambo’ Music Video But I Just Can’t.”

James and Draper have recently been finding filmmaking success even outside of online circles — their entry for the Down to the Wire 24-hour filmmaking contest this summer won an award for Best Ensemble Cast.

The editing for their videos is done by Jackson Laurie, a film and sound design major at Savannah College of Art & Design.

The surprisingly prolific comedic duo are recent graduates of Wichita West High School. Earlier this summer, they released a 15-minute album of 1-minute-long parody hip-hop songs.

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