Four youths beat up boy in Dubai in viral video, arrested


Police urge parents to especially monitor children in teen years.

Four young Emiratis have been arrested in Dubai for attacking a compatriot, filming the attack and uploading the video on social media. One of the youths was not involved in the attack, but was arrested for filming it with his mobile phone and then uploading it.

A team from the criminal investigation department of the Dubai Police arrested the youths aged between 16 and 20 years within 24 hours after the video was posted. They have been referred to the public prosecution.

The video shows a youth dressed in a traditional kandoora being punched by two others. Such is the severity of the attack that the victim falls on the ground. His attackers can be seen raining kicks and punches even as the victim lies curled up on the ground. One of the attackers can be seen kicking the victim in the head.

The police have urged parents to monitor their children’s behaviour, especially in their teenage years, and to encourage them to “deal with problems with wisdom instead of resorting to violence”.

The police added that parents should advise their children to not share any inappropriate videos or photos on social media that “negatively impact UAE society”.


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