Former Peruvian mayor’s body falls from coffin while being lowered into grave


This is the moment the coffin of a former mayor is dropped inside his grave by bungling funeral staff – and his body falls out – to the screams of a large group of mourners.

The body of Moises Tacuri Garcia, mayor of the province of Tarma in the central Peruvian region of Junin, was interred during a ceremony, with 3,000 people gathered to pay their respects.

Watch the dramatic moment in the video above

However, as the coffin was being lowered into the grave, one end tumbled into the hole and the former mayor’s body fell out.

The video footage shows the moment workers lower the coffin into the hole with ropes, and the pair at the far end appears to lose grip under the coffin’s weight.

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Mourners scream as Garcia’s body tumbles out.

Local media said the funeral continued as normal after the embarrassing incident.

Garcia died of a heart attack on November 4, and local authorities held a two-day mourning period.

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