Football Sky Sports TV host Kelly Cates classy response to viral on-air Neville, Carragher snub


A British TV host has tried to clear the air after footage of her embarrassing on-air snub went viral.

Sky Sports presenter Kelly Cates was covering Liverpool’s 3-1 win against Southampton that saw the Reds reclaim top spot on the Premier League table.

Joined by legends Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville, Cates was discussing how important Southampton’s previous win was for their hopes of avoiding relegation.

“After three wins in four, particularly after the win against Brighton, we’re expecting he (Southampton manager Ralph Hasenhuttl) is going to be in a good mood. How significant was that last win?” Cates asked the football greats.

However, the segment took a bizarre twist when Neville and Carragher started walking off in the opposite direction to Cates, leaving the host standing by herself as they answered her question.

Cates’ on-air snub sent social media into overdrive. Pic: Twitter

“It was a huge win, do you think they’re now safe? Five points clear of relegation, game in hand and obviously in good form as well,” Neville said.

Perhaps the weirdest part of the whole segment was the fact the camera lingered on Cates in the background, looking stranded and lonely as the two men walked away.

The baffling scenes sent the internet into overdrive as fans tried to piece together what was going on.

However, the women at the centre of the furore has come out in defence of Neville and Carragher, insisting the whole thing was scripted.

She did admit, however, that in hindsight it could have been thought through a little better.

“They were going to interview Hasenhuttl in the tunnel! Would have looked weird if they didn’t have anything to say on the way there,” Cates wrote on Twitter.

“One of those things that feels ordinary at the time and looks odd af in hindsight,” she added in a separate tweet with a laughing emoji.

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