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Saudi Arabia airport employees have shocked the internet after they caught on camera violently manhandling passengers’ suitcases.

Footage of the two baggage handlers for Saudi Airlines has since gone viral after their disrespectful behaviour was filmed.

The men were seen unloading luggage onto a conveyor belt at the airport.

They swing the suitcases onto the moving belt with such force that some smash into the wall first before falling onto the conveyor. 

The handlers show no consideration for the contents of any of the suitcases.

They don’t pause at any point to check whether the bags are labelled as ‘fragile.’

The scene was filmed at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh.

Saudi Arabian Airlines is the national carrier airline of Saudi Arabia and is based in Jeddah.

The airline hit the headlines last month after a viral video emerged, believed to have been filmed on one of the carrier’s aircraft, which showed the plane in a disgusting state. 

The alarming clip highlighted the gross conditions throughout the plane, from the toilets to the cabin’s gangway.

The video was believed to be filmed on an inaugural flight from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia two years ago but has recently resurfaced.

Viewers were utterly disgusted to see liquid seeping under the bathroom doors and being soaked up with bits of material.

The person filming opens the door to reveal the bathroom floor covered in liquid and bits of toilet paper on the floor.

They then walk down the gangway of the plane where bits of tissue paper and other litter are strewn all over the gangway.

The problem is the same the whole way down the gangway – where numerous passengers sit with their legs sticking out into the aisle.

The videographer heads to a different toilet where there seems to be faeces sitting on the floor, as well as tissue paper.

In another toilet, again, liquid can be seen on the floor as well as tissue paper.

A pile of what looks to be faeces can be seen on the right side of the toilet seat.

However, Saudi Airlines baggage handlers are far from the first to be filmed treating luggage roughly.

Last month a viral video captured Luton airport baggage handlers’ alarmingly careless treatment of Wizz Air passengers’ cabin suitcases. 

They two men in the clip show little consideration for any valuable or fragile contents inside the bags as they unload the plane. Some even seem to bounce off the cart and out of sight, with the baggage handlers hardly noticing.

Wizz Air passenger Rob Button, 43, was appalled when he saw how the baggage handlers were behaving.

“I could see them throwing the bags without any care for anyone’s belongings,” he told Metro. “It’s the disregard they had that bothered me.”

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