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Flights see pilots and cabin crew working for many hours on long hauls trips. A Qantas pilot has revealed where crew go when they need to sleep during these flights. The secret location is somewhere many passengers would have no clue to look. First Officer Rob Noonan showed in a video where hidden bedrooms can be found on the new Qantas 787 Dreamliner plane.

The aircraft operates such long routes as the flight between Perth and London.

Consequently, crew need somewhere to sleep during the lengthy 17-hour journey.

There are separate secret bedrooms for both a pilot and cabin crew located above the flight deck.

Rob said in a video clip: “It’s important to get adequate rest in the cruise so we have a little secret crew rest area, which is hidden in the ceiling above the flight deck.

“Pilots have a one bedroom apartment up the front [and] down the back there are two bedrooms for the cabin crew.”

The footage shows the compact beds which are equipped with mattresses, pillows and blankets.

There are also curtains in the little rooms for privacy while the crew rest.

Anyone resting in there can also control the temperature to their preference.

The lighting can also be changed, allowing crew to have a bedside light on should they wish to read without disrupting others.

A sign in the bedrooms clearly states that the little cabins are for “Crew only.”

It reads: “Crew rest occupancy is restricted to crew members who the pilot in command has determined are trained in the emergency procedures and able to rapidly use the evacuation routes.

“Crew members must be trained in accordance with FAA/EASA approved evacuation, decompression and firefighting procedures. Do not occupy crew rest area bunks during taxi, takeoff and landing.”

In the room shown in the video, six crew members can sleep in there in one time. Stowage of cargo and passenger baggage is not allowed to be kept in this area.

Pilots also have rules for what they can and cannot do while flying in the cockpit.

During take-off and landing, pilots have to follow a law known as Sterile Flight Deck Procedures in Europe and Sterile Cockpit Rule in the USA. 

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), this is to ensure that the environment on the flight deck is free from potentially dangerous distractions. This means that when the plane is below 10,000ft pilots are not allowed to talk.

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