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Edmond Police Officer Chris Brown’s lip-syncing video went viral after the department was challenged by San-Antonio Police. (Facebook/Edmond Police Department)

A lip-syncing battle has taken over metro first responder agencies, and is going viral on social media.

Edmond police say San Antonio challenged them to a lip-sync battle several days ago. Nearly 600,000 views later, the challenge is on for other departments around the metro.

Edmond Police officer Chris Brown took on the challenge for the department. He said, “Our public information specialist reached out to me and asked me if I would be willing to do a lip-sync battle because we had been challenged by a department in Texas, and of course I agreed to it on one condition. That I got to sing, ‘Call Me Maybe’.”

Edmond police, then challenged Edmond Fire Department. The firefighter’s video also went viral.

“I liked the wrecking ball. that was… that was pretty awesome,” Brown said.

Logan County Sheriff’s Deputy Kyle Dougherty also joined in on the fun. He told Fox 25, “I sing to my steering wheel driving around the county but that’s about it.”

but nearly 50 thousand views later the department challenged their neighboring department, the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department. Edmond Police also challenged the University of Central Oklahoma Police Department.

Participating departments say they hope this challenge will humanize them to others, and help ease tension with the community.

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