Fast food workers go on strike, demand changes after McDonald’s employee attacked in viral video


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) – Fast food workers across Florida are demanding change after a viral video showed a customer attack a McDonald’s employee in St. Petersburg last week, over a straw.

Workers are demanding McDonald’s and other fast-food chains protect employees from physical violence and other safety threats.

The “Last Straw” movement is making waves.

Yasmine James was attacked on the job by customer Daniel Taylor.

Taylor went across the counter and grabbed James by her shirt.

James fought back.

Tuesday, dozens held a strike in several cities in support of James in Orlando, Tampa and St. Petersburg.

“They should get training for their managers to know what to do. You know the young lady shouldn’t have had to call the police herself, a manager should have been able to deal with that situation properly,” said McDonald’s employee, Westley Williams.

Williams works at the McDonald’s in South Florida.

He claims confrontations with customers occur all the time, they’re just not always caught on camera.

“We shouldn’t have to be working in fear that we’re gonna be beaten up or we’re gonna be harmed. We don’t come there to be beat, we come there to make an honest living, not to be attacked,” he said.

Laura Rollins traveled from Ft. Lauderdale to support James.

She’s been with McDonald’s for more than 25 years.

“I worry because like I said, we have customers come in there and we don’t know what their mind is about or what they’re thinking. I mean they could go out and come in and just go to shooting, you know you see that a lot on the news,” said Rollins.

Still emotional from the attack, James showed up to the protest to thank her supporters and vow to keep fighting.

“I would love if you guys go to, to continue to support me, ’cause I will continue to fight for women in workplace safety,” said James.

James and her attorneys are expected to speak with McDonald’s officials.

Taylor remains behind bars.

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