East Texas children reach internet stardom in viral video


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TYLER, Texas (KETK) – A pair of East Texas children have become Internet stars!

A video of them working together to escape from nap time has gone viral. It shows a Tyler-area toddler helping his little sister breakout from bedtime. 

“He has tilted her bed to the guest bed so she could climb out safely,” the children’s mother Becca says. 

Becca is the busy mom of Ella and Luke. She says both share a special bond. 

Becca and her two children, Luke and Ella. 

“They are very good friends and play well with each other,” Becca says. “They are best buddies! If they don’t see each other they ask, ‘Where is sissy…where is brother?'”

Becca submitted the video online to the Daily Mail, but she never expected it to go viral. 

“They had an ad on Facebook where you get $50 for funny videos,” explains Becca. “I thought these are kinda cute, and I posted them to see what happens. I think they are pretty cute, but it’s fun to entertain other people.”

In another video, Ella escapes all by herself by creating a soft landing with her sheets. She then runs off with a phone recording the act. Both videos, combined, have over 3,000,000 views!

Although the videos are fun, it did raise safety concerns for Becca and her husband. They have since bought Ella a new bed which allows her to get in and out without getting hurt.

“If she didn’t have all those blankets padding her fall, she could’ve gotten hurt or hit her head on the floor,” Becca says. “Just be cautious about when your child gets too old for their bed. You might have to move them on to the next step.”

Experts suggest making the switch to toddler beds between two-to three-years of age. They also recommend placing the bed where the old crib used to be located. 

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