Drunk groom gets fed by mother-in-law in viral video


This groom got so hammered at his own wedding that he had to be hand fed — by his new mother-in-law.

The newlywed from Scotland appeared in a viral video at his reception after getting carried away celebrating the nuptials, LADBible reported on Sunday.

In the hilarious footage, the mortified mother-in-law feeds the bleary-eyed groom and, at one point, flashes a thumbs up.

“The video is highly embarrassing, as this is not the way you should be at your wedding day during the speeches, but we love to laugh at each other’s stupidness,” the groom told the outlet. “With this situation, you could understand that she may have been upset as I was a total mess, but due to me making a comeback, she has seen the funny side to the video.”

The footage — which has been viewed more than 9.2 million times on Facebook — had viewers applauding the woman’s efforts.

“What a wonderful mother-in-law. She handled it quite well considering…” wrote on Facebook user.

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