Drake University’s Griff Makes Viral ‘I’ve Pet That Dog’ Twitter Page


DES MOINES, Iowa  —  A Twitter user with a goal to pet as many dogs as he can made a stop in the metro on Friday.

Gideon Kidd, 9, runs an account called I’ve Pet That Dog. Gideon posts pictures of all the dogs he meets and includes information about each one. On Friday, Drake University officials invited Gideon to Des Moines to meet the school’s mascot, Griff.

Griff was number 361 in the long line of dogs Gideon has pet. The boy says he loves dogs because each one is unique.

“They are all different. If they were all the same type, breed, color, size, I don’t think dogs would be liked that much. But why I like dogs is they’re all different,” Gideon said.

So far, Gideon has more than 91,000 Twitter followers.

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