DEPUTY DUCK: Police station’s adorable pet goes viral


YOU’VE heard of Daffy Duck, Donald Duck and Plucka Duck, but now there’s a quacking friend of the Childers police earning fans on social media.

Bella the Childers Police Station Duck has gained a lot of attention since appearing on the QPS social media pages.

Officer in charge Sergeant Geoff Fay says Bella minds the station when they aren’t there.

She was taken under the wing of Childers police in 2014.

“She was a gift for the son of previous officer Michael Schmidt in 2013 and has lived here ever since,” he said.

“When he moved he couldn’t take her with him so she stayed here.

“She hangs around the station and keeps an eye on things and she’s always looking for a feed when they boys come in.

“She’s very friendly and inquisitive. She doesn’t go out the front much so people are surprised when they find out there’s a duck here.”

Although she’s a popular colleague at the station, don’t expect to see Bella waddling the streets fighting crime soon, Sgt Fay said.

“We haven’t found the ideal job for her yet – we’re still looking.” 

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