Dairy farmer’s emotional viral video targets Coles


COOLABUNIA dairy farmer, Damien Tessmann has sent a strong message to the farming community and the big supermarkets through his video which has gone viral overnight.

Mr Tessmann’s facebook page, C’mon Coles states he is ‘just one dairy farmer asking the Australian consumer to help create change by not shopping with Coles until they drop $1 milk.’

The video, which has been shared over 320 times in less than 24 hours, sends a strong message to consumers to ‘boycott Coles and Aldi until they lift their damaging and soul destroying $1 milk campaign.’

In his video, the passionate dairy farmer invites other dairy farmers to share a video on the page explaining how much damage is being caused to the industry because of the cheap milk.

He praised the leadership shown by Woolworths in removing the cheap milk and said it was ‘now time for Coles and Aldi to follow suit.’

Mr Tessmann is no stranger to the power of social media after photos he took of a cockatoo injured in severe storms late last year went global.

The bird, affectionately known as Lazarus, made headlines around the world when he came back from the brink of death and made a complete recovery.

“The photos of Lazarus went all the way to Uganda,” Mr Tessmann said.

“Hopefully the C’mon Coles message will get some legs as well.”

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