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When Queen Bey went to New York for the Grammys, she was in a hotel that also held mere commoners, and the moment when Beyoncé came face to face with a fan has gone viral. The Massachusetts woman was speechless then … until now.

Susan Monoghan, Beyoncé fan: “I met Bey and all I could do was go like this.”

That’s Susan Monoghan reliving her brush with Beyoncé.

Susan Monoghan: “And then I turn, and I’m like, ‘Beyoncé!’ And I was, like, frozen.”

Susan was in New York City last weekend with her family, staying at the same hotel as a Grammy pre-party.

She was hoping to catch a glimpse of a big star.

Susan Monoghan: “I was getting tired, so I figured I’ll go upstairs, and I’ll come back later.”

On the way to her room, in the hallway, she spotted an entourage.

Susan Monoghan: “This man says, ‘Do I know you?’ so I looked at him, and I said, ‘I don’t think so.’ And then I was like ‘uh-oh.’ It dawns on me that’s Jay-Z, so I turn, and I went ‘Ahhhhh!’”

Jennifer Hitt, Susan’s daughter: “She says, ‘You’re never going to guess who I met,’ and I’m like, ‘Who?’ ‘Jay-Z and Bey.’ ‘You’re right, I don’t believe it.’”

Susan Monoghan: “I didn’t take a selfie. No one’s going to know!”

She didn’t get a pic, but someone did!

One of Beyoncé’s peeps caught the candid moment, and she posted it on her Instagram.

It’s simple math: Beyoncé, plus fan, plus social media, equals viral moment.

Susan became an instant meme.

Susan Monoghan: “I didn’t even know what a meme is. I’m like, ‘Am I a mime? Is it a me-me? What is this thing?’ Everyone’s like, ‘You’re a meme. You’re famous.’ What?”

Susan says she has only one regret from her fleeting brush with fame.

Susan Monoghan: “That I didn’t think to ask her any questions. I didn’t say, ‘Good luck at the Grammys, Jay-Z.’ You know, I didn’t say anything. I was just, ‘I’m lost.’”

Beyoncé has not commented on the photo, but so far it has more than 4.5 million likes.

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