Browns commercial for solar power goes viral


When Cleveland Browns punter Britton Colquitt decided to do the backpack kid dance for a local commercial, he probably assumed nobody outside of the Cleveland area would notice.

Oh, he wasn’t so lucky.

The commercial for Power Home Solar, a partner with the Browns, is … well, just watch:

The dancing, Colquitt’s “acting,” him kicking the ball out of the stadium, Solar Dog … it’s an instant classic.

Browns commercial isn’t close to being the worst ever

The Colquitt commercial isn’t quite as bad as Shaquille O’Neal hawking The General insurance or basically anything Shaq is selling nowadays. And before we make too much fun of it, Power Home Solar is getting a ton of free publicity out of their commercial, so who’s really laughing?

The Colquitt commercial won’t reach the standard bearer for “awkward local commercials starring athletes,” which is still clearly Scottie Pippen for Mr. Submarine. If you haven’t seen, behold the undisputed champion:

Colquitt’s foray into being a spokesman isn’t that bad at least.

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