Boy dances at supermarket with grandpa day before surgery – Watch viral video


Boy dances at supermarket with grandpa a day before his surgery - Watch viral video

Juan was discharged from the hospital on Friday after a successful surgery.  |  Photo Credit: Facebook

Green Bay: Five-year-old Kyu San Juan, from Wisconsin in the US, took his grandfather to a supermarket for a dance party. Juan who was born with cerebral arteriovenous malformation (AVM), an abnormal connection between the arteries and veins in the brain, was due for a major surgery when he expressed his bizarre wish.

Juan’s mother, Ràšámî Møûä, took to Facebook to tell that the child did not get out of his “PJs” while his grandpa changed clothes to go for the dance party. She drove the duo to Festival Foods supermarket.

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When the grandfather said that he thought that they’d go to a party or a club to dance, he exclaimed, “People are going to think we’re crazy!” The little boy did not care about the passersby. “People? What people?”

The five-year-old told his grandfather to use his imagination and encouraged, “You can dance anywhere!” The video has garnered over 1.3 lakh views and close to 1,000 reactions.

Juan’s mother appreciated her father for being a good sport for her son. She said, “Thanks dad for being such a good sport for Kyu and giving him all of your time before his surgery tomorrow. It was pretty fun!”

“The surgery went well and better than what the doctors had anticipated,” she updated on Facebook. Juan was discharged from the hospital on Friday after a successful surgery.

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