Bensalem Police Investigate Viral Video of Armed Man Breaking Up Fight and Pointing Gun at Unarmed Man


What to Know

  • Police are investigating a viral video of a man armed with a gun pointing it at an unarmed man outside a Bensalem apartment.

  • A witness said the gunman was breaking up a fight between two other men but doesn’t believe he needed a gun to do so.

  • Both Bensalem Police and the Bucks County NAACP responded to a viral video of the incident.

Bensalem Police are investigating and a local NAACP chapter is demanding answers after a video of an armed man breaking up a fight and then pointing a gun at an unarmed man went viral.

The incident took place Wednesday around 5:30 p.m. outside an apartment complex on the 1200 block of Neshaminy Valley Drive. Ritish Sharma, 16, who recorded the confrontation, told NBC10 the ordeal began when one of his friends began fighting another man. Then a third man armed with a gun confronted them.

“He just ran up and he pulled it out and was pointing it at people,” Sharma said. “That’s when I ran up. I was like, ‘Stop. Stop.’ And he pulled it back. I got really scared.”

In the video, the armed man tells one of the other men to lie down on the ground. 

“You’re three seconds away from catching a bullet my man,” the gunman yells.

The gunman then called police and kept one of the men from leaving the area until police arrived. In the video, the gunman physically forces the man to the ground.

“He felt the need to pull out a gun,” Sharma said. “He could’ve just broke it up with his hands.”

Video of the incident went viral and prompted a response from the Bucks County NAACP.

“The community has a concern about this individual and is demanding answers about what will be done to prevent any future vigilante/terrorist tragedies,” a spokesperson for the Bucks County NAACP said.

Bensalem Township Police also released a statement, writing that the responding officers took appropriate action and the incident is under investigation.

“Since the time of the incident, segments of video have gone viral on social media,” they wrote. “Like many videos posted on social media, these videos ONLY captured a small portion of the incident. All aspects of this case are being fully investigated and the Bensalem Police Department wants to assure the public that there is NO threat to the community relating to this incident.”

Sharma told NBC10 he’s hoping action is taken against the gunman.

“You’re not supposed to do this, especially to kids,” Sharma said. “I don’t know, I think he should get his license revoked.”

Police continue to investigate. No charges have been filed against any of the men involved.

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