Bangkok new year soaks streets with water fight – Trending & Viral News


BANGKOK, Thailand (APTN) – Thailand’s annual Songkran festival began Saturday, bringing the infamous water fights to the streets of Bangkok.

Locals and tourists, armed with water guns, delighted in dousing anyone in sight, marking the start of the Buddhist new year.

The three-day holiday sees thousands of people taking to the streets armed with super soakers and other water guns, with some areas being closed off to traffic so street parties can be held with loud music and dancing.

Splashing water traditionally serves as a symbol of cleansing and washing away the sins of the old year.

The new year – known in Thailand as “Songkran” – falls at the hottest time of the year.

With temperatures often creeping over 100 degrees in most of the country at this time of year, the water fight is seen by many as a welcome way to keep cool.

Though popular with younger people, many older Thais and visitors dislike the air of sustained anarchy that modern-day Songkran brings, with soakings doled out to everyone who ventures out – whether they like it or not.

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