Bad TV Shows We Love to Watch: The Very Best of the Very Worst


The Slap (2015)

God, The Slap. Adapted from an Australian TV series, which spurred its own memes, and based on a novel, this NBC miniseries became an unlikely (or is it the most likely?) source for irony-addled brains online after its trailer premiered during Super Bowl XLIX, spilling over to its summer airdate. The gist here is that, during a family gathering, Zachary Quinto’s Harry gives one swift and mighty slap to a kid that is not his own for being a freakin’ brat, which sets in motion a host of intra-family dramas. Weirdly enough, this cast was stacked; besides Quinto, there’s Uma Thurman, Brian Cox, Thandie Newton, Peter Sarsgaard, Penn Badgley (looking his very douchiest), and a wee Lucas Hedges, all members of this big Greek family that unravels because of the titular slap. It’s kin to The Affair in that, one, it’s told from a different character’s perspective each episode, and two, that it’s impossible to gauge how self-aware it actually is regarding its own absurdity. Few shows can pack this many affairs, crimes, and drunk breast-feeding into a mere eight episodes, and The Slap does it all. — LB

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