Another Fascinating Sir Alex Ferguson Story Has Gone Viral


Sir Alex Ferguson developed a reputation throughout his career as a manager of hating the press.

But was that really the case?

The Manchester United legend has plenty of memorable stories involving run-ins with the media and that understandably led to the belief that he wasn’t fond of speaking to journalists involved with the game.

Take his 2011 banning of a journalist who kept asking questions about Ryan Giggs’ private life for example.

Yet maybe Ferguson wasn’t completely against the media – and Daily Mail writer Martin Samuel’s story about the Scot suggests that was the case.

As the media currently cover a big story about Sir Bradley Wiggins and doping suspicions, Samuel touched on England players getting injections in the past in his column today.

He told how they were given injections at the 1998 World Cup and how Ferguson was alarmed by the impact they were having on his players. How he gets the story out in the public sounds like a classic case of Fergie manipulating the situation to his benefit:

How good is that? Fergie told the press that one manager had complained but left it up to the journalists to discover it was him, so that it didn’t come from his mouth. As Samuel says, the legendary Scot could be very savvy with the press when he wanted.

Image: PA
Image: PA

Another brilliant Sir Alex tale that is worth revisiting is the time when he went out of his way to ensure Michael Keane received and could afford a proper education when he was coming through at United.

“The lads on scholar contracts got £115 a week,” he told The Times last year.

“I was just on expenses, £40. Sir Alex said: ‘I know you’ve quit college for this – how are you studying?’

“I told him I had tutors. He made me go to his office and tell him how many hours a week and the cost. He refunded what I’d paid, then paid for the rest. Touches like that made him special.”

A touch of class.

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