Altercation with traffic cop goes viral


An altercation between a Pietermaritzburg truck driver and an RTI officer has gone viral on social media. Nischal Ramcharran, 42, from Bombay Heights was flagged down by the officer on Wednesday morning at the Ashburton offramp going towards Durban for a delivery. Ramcharran, a father of two, said he accelerated a little to pass another vehicle.

“I tried to pass a vehicle in which the driver was talking on her cellphone. After she passed me I went back to the left lane and was flagged by the RTI. I stopped my 22 wheeler truck and took my PDP and licence to the officer. He then began swearing at me. When I questioned him, he said I was hindering traffic. He grabbed me by my clothes and shoved me.”


Ramcharran walked back to his truck to retrieve his cellphone and record the ongoing altercation between himself and the officer.

In a telephonic interview he said, due to the nature of his work, he had not had a chance to open a case against the officer as yet.

“I made the video so authorities and other motorists could see what had happened. The officer had no right do what he did to me. I took the relevant documents to him when I was stopped. All he needed to do was tell me why he pulled me over and address the issue in a decent and proper manner befitting to an officer of the law, said Ramcharran.

RTI spokesman was not available for comment despite repeated requests

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