After viral video, GH begins clean-up


The Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital is on a clean-up drive after a video of sewage water lying stagnant in one of the blocks was shared on mobile messaging platforms from Saturday evening.

The two-minute video shows stagnant sewage-mixed rain water in an open area in the middle of Bradfield Block. The building has three floors and houses the hepatology ward, neurology surgery and stroke wards, general surgery septic ward, radiation therapy ward, neurosurgery annexe, a modern kitchen and other wards.

The man who shot the video is heard questioning why the hospital is not kept clean at a time when dengue and swine flu cases were reported across the State. Meanwhile, patients and some staff at the hospital said that the smell was unbearable and the mosquito menace also increased due to the stagnant water.

“The cleaning work started only a few days ago,” said S. Jyoti, an attendant for a patient.

Meanwhile, many employees complained that even the attendants dumped waste in open areas. However, hospital authorities said the water was there only for a day before Deepavali and it was cleaned immediately.

“We are closing the open drains and will be converting the 1,500 square feet space into a waiting area and beautifying it. It is a big challenge to maintain the old structure,” said a hospital official.

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