AFC Wimbledon advertise for new manager on Twitter with predictable results


It’s the time of year when the managerial merry-go-round really starts to pick up speed and some clubs are taking drastic action.

Among them are AFC Wimbledon, who sit second from bottom in the League One table and have sacked boss Neal Ardley after six years in the job.

The club took the slightly unusual step of advertising their vacancy on Twitter, leading to some speculative applications from social media users.

Wimbledon are sponsored by Sports Interactive, and have the logo of the company’s most famous game, Football Manager, on the front of their shirts – so it’s only fitting there were some responses like this one.

Not everyone’s Football Manager CVs were quite so impressive, though.

Given the club’s SI links, showing off about achievements in rival football games might not be the best strategy.

Someone put some real effort into this one.

And finally, there was one for Inbetweeners fans.

The deadline for applications is Friday – so we should know soon enough whether Football Manager success really is a step on the road to football manager success.

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